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Football Blogging Awards - Watch Live! (The Liver Bird - Best Established Blog Shortlist)

It's here! The Football Blogging Awards 2015 will be kicking off at 7pm tonight at Hotel Football in Manchester and The Liver Bird is on the shortlist for "Best Established Blog".

If you'd like to watch the awards live and keep up with the latest content on the day, simply click below and follow the footage provided by Football Fan Cast.
I'll try my best to tweet during the night also, wish me luck!

And The Winner Is...


How utterly brilliant is that?! For those of you sitting there thinking, what the hell have you won? I find myself staring back at you asking where the hell have you been?

If you follow me on Twitter there is no way you will have escaped the knowledge that I was in a list of nominees for the best Female blog category in the Football Blogging Awards.

Being on the short list and never one to turn down an invite to a shindig I managed to circle up two guests (a farcical amount I know) and off we headed on Saturday afternoon to Manchester.

We'd booked two hotels both on the outskirts of the city, usually in these sort of posts I'd have a strategically placed jolly anecdote to do with our travels but nothing happened, not even traffic on the M6, mental.

My good mate Josh drove me and the fella there and back and it's a fair drive from Wolverhampton so cheers for that!


We eventually grabbed a taxi and headed out to Stockport for the event I have been ge…

"The Liver Bird" 21 Questions

Hi folks, I just thought it would be a good idea to do a little blogger Q&A to help you learn a bit more about The Liver Bird and about me the author. If you've read my "About Me" section and follow me on Twitter then you'll already know the basics but I figured it would be a nice little post to fill up the gaps what with us all waiting for the football season to fully start!

So here goes...

1) Blogging since...

September 2009.

2) Was there any event, incident or anecdote in your life that pushed you to start blogging?

I'd just finished my A Levels and had a lot more spare time on my hands. I'd always been a fan of reading blogs, especially about Liverpool, loved trawling through the forums too and eventually figured, why don't I give it a shot?

3) Did you follow any blog before creating yours?

I didn't really follow any as I wasn't publicly signed up to any site that allowed me to do so but I often read blog posts after Google searches.

4) What i…