2011/2012 Season Round Up

The Carling Cup win was the highlight...
Image: metro.co.uk
It was a very mixed season for Liverpool that ended in the departure of Kenny Dalglish. It started well but as the league campaign continued, things began to get difficult for the Reds. Two cup finals and one cup win gave the lads some glory but an 8th place finish in the league provided a dark shadow over the season.

August 2011
Liverpool started their league campaign at home to Sunderland. I was lucky enough to be watching in Majorca but was disappointed with a Liverpool draw and having to put up with stick from a fair few Sunderland fans in the pub.

Kenny is delighted with the Arsenal win...
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To be fair to the Reds though they didn't lose in August and it included a 2-0 victory over Arsenal at the Emirates, the first time the lads had won at Arsenal in 10 years. A Carling Cup victory in August would also be the first of many for Dalglish's side.

In the news...
- The London riots were in full swing during the British summer and sparked copycat riots all over the country.
- The start of the La Liga was delayed due to players striking.
- Hurricane Irene caused havoc along the East Coast of America.

September 2011
September was split down the middle for Liverpool with a loss to Stoke after a good performance and an embarrassing 4-0 defeat at the hands of Spurs paired with a win over Wolves and another win in the Carling Cup over Brighton.

Skrtel sees red in Spurs loss...
Image: bleacherreport.net
Bellamy and Kuyt were the scorers for Liverpool in the Brighton game. Most thought these two would feature a lot for Liverpool over the season but they ended up more as players to call on rather than starters in the Dalglish era.

In the news...
- The 2011 Rugby World Cup got underway in New Zealand.
- It was the 10th anniversary of 9/11, America and the world paid their respects.
- Google+ was released to the general public.

October 2011
Liverpool had a good October and went the whole month without losing, well, unless we're counting that rather random Rangers friendly in the middle that we lost 1-0.

A draw with Manchester United at Anfield and a victory at Goodison park was brilliant for the fans. Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez were on the score sheet at Everton whilst Gerrard netted against United. Unfortunately for Liverpool, despite the great result against Manchester United the draw was marred by accusations from Patrice Evra that Luis Suarez had made some racist remarks.

Gerrard is on target against United...
Image: guardian.co.uk
Yet another victory in the Carling Cup in this month also allowed Liverpool to progress even further after knocking Stoke out.

Outside of the games on the pitch a landmark day for the club occurred as Hillsborough was debated in the House of Commons.

In the news...
- Amanda Knox's 26 year sentence for murder in Italy is overturned.
- Sebastian Vettel wins the Formula 1 World Championship.
- Dictator Muammar Gadaffi is killed in Libya after months of conflict.

November 2011
Liverpool went through another month without losing as they faced Chelsea twice in November. Martin Kelly and Maxi Rodriguez scored in the Carling Cup clash with Chelsea and Maxi was on the score sheet again with Glen Johnson when the Reds beat them in the league.

Glen celebrates after scoring at the Bridge...
Image: whoateallthepies.tv
A draw with Swansea and a hard fought 1-1 draw with Manchester City was also recorded in October.

In the news...
- I turned the grand old age of 22.
- 27 vehicles were involved in a crash on the M5 after smoke covered the motorway, 7 people were killed.
- Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter at the end of the Michael Jackson case.

December 2011
Liverpool had 6 fixtures over the festive month and lost just one of them to Fulham although to be fair goalscorer Dempsey probably shouldn't have been on the pitch after headbutting Craig Bellamy. Draws with Wigan and Blackburn were frustrating for Liverpool fans as they looked to continue their good form over the last couple of months and push up the table.

Tempers flare in the Fulham game...
Image: sbnation.com
A 3-1 win over Newcastle at home was a good result for the Reds with Craig Bellamy scoring twice in the game.

Liverpool were in 6th place at the end of December.

In the news...
- Luis Suarez was found guilty of racism although a verdict was agreed only on it being "probable".
- North Korea warns South Korea that there will be consequences if they light a Christmas tree near the border between the two countries.
- 165mph winds hit Scotland.

January 2012
January was bursting with football for the Reds with 8 fixtures in 3 competitions. The month started with a 3-0 loss to Manchester City and with two legs against them to come in the Carling Cup, things were looking bad for Liverpool. Thankfully though, Kenny Dalglish's tactics were spot on in the Cups and none more so than in the two legs against City, a 1-0 win away and a 2-2 draw at Anfield saw the Reds go through to the final of the League Cup at Wembley.

Gerrard prepares to put his spot kick past Hart...
Image: caughtoffside.com
As if things weren't up beat enough in January Liverpool also knocked Oldham out of the FA Cup and drew Manchester United who they would face later in the month. After the tension surrounding Suarez and Evra Liverpool managed to keep their cool and Kuyt scored the goal that knocked Fergie's boys out of the FA Cup.

A draw with Stoke and a loss to Bolton took some of the shine off Liverpool's cup form though and the Reds were still struggling to get a grip on the Premier League.

In the news...
- Wildfires sweep across Southern Chile.
- The Costa Concordia cruise ship runs aground off the coast of the island of Giglio.
- Novak Djokovic wins the Australian Open.

February 2012
The opening to February saw us face Tottenham and although the result was probably one to forget, the highlight was certainly the Anfield cat who scurried on to the pitch. I also went for a terrible pun in the match report title - "Reds In Goalless Draw With Spurrs".

Anfield Cat: Deffo faster than Downing...
Image: guardian.co.uk
A loss to Manchester United was hard to take for most fans and also for Kenny Dalglish who showed his frustrations in post match press conferences. A 6-1 win over Brighton in the FA Cup was a brilliant result for the Reds but the last game of February was the big one.

Liverpool met Cardiff at Wembley in the League Cup final and I travelled up to Liverpool to watch it. After going all the way to penalties the Reds eventually were victorious after Steven Gerrard's cousin missed his penalty for Cardiff.

The cup win was a fantastic occasion for Liverpool and it was a proud moment to watch King Kenny take us back to winning some silverware!

In the news...
- Fabio Capello resigns from his post as England manager.
- John Terry faces charges after being accused of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand.
- New York Giants win the Superbowl.

March 2012
March was a rather disappointing month for Liverpool although it included another win in the FA Cup over Stoke and also a 3-0 win over the Toffees. Gerrard scored a hat trick in front of the Anfield crowd and rubbed it in the Everton fans faces.

Grab your Coates, you've pulled...
Image: Liverpool Echo
Embarrassing losses to Sunderland, QPR and Wigan though made it hard for Liverpool to justify their league form. The QPR result was especially hard to take after an acrobatic finish from Coates nearly helped us to three points.

In the news...
- Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch in an FA Cup tie between Spurs and Bolton, he was taken to the London Chest Hospital and described as "critically ill".
- A series of avalanches in Afghanistan kill 50 people.
- Perth, Chelmsford and St. Asaph (The birthplace of Ian Rush) are granted city status.

April 2012
April marked the 23rd anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, a service was held as always at Anfield and Dirk Kuyt also made a reading during the ceremony to remember the 96 Liverpool fans that lost their lives on that day in 1989.

A loss away to Newcastle started off the month with Andy Carroll throwing a bit of a strop in his visit to his old home ground. Pepe Reina was also in the headlines after losing his rag completely and putting his head to  Perch and being sent off.

With the small matter of an FA Cup semi final with Everton coming up, Reds fans were livid. Doni would take his place but then a few days later in a game against Blackburn where Carroll scored the winner, Doni got himself sent off too, unbelievable. It was left to Brad Jones to start in the semi final.

After Brad lost his son in November of 2011, the Liverpool fans have had an emotional bond with the keeper. He played a big part in helping Liverpool through to the FA Cup final after they beat Everton 2-1.

Brad Jones looks to the skies after Liverpool beat Everton...
Image: Liverpool Echo
April also allowed me to finish a report for college on Liverpool ticket prices in the Premier League which if you wish to see can be found here.

And who could forget Luis Suarez's brilliant hat trick against Norwich consisting of a skilful finish for his first goal, a tight angle for the second and then to top it all off he lobbed the keeper from nearly 50 yards out with a stunning goal.

In the news...
- The 158th Boat Race had to be stopped after a swimmer in the water nearly had his head taken off by one of the oares.
- Neptune Collonges wins the Grand National but gold cup winner Synchronised and According To Pete had to be put down.
- North Korea's rocket launch fails as it breaks up shortly after being launched.

May 2012
The last month of the season started with a loss for Liverpool as Martin Jol's Fulham side got the better of them. With hopes of finishing in the top 4 long gone and the prospect of finishing below Everton a very real possibility now, the Reds had all their hopes pinned on an FA Cup win.

I once again travelled up to Liverpool for the final, this time with my brother instead of friends to watch the Reds take on Chelsea for their third trip to Wembley this year.

This picture sums up my emotions after the loss to Chelsea in the FA Cup...
Carroll scored and almost scored again but a save on the line from Cech denied Liverpool a second cup of the season.

Liverpool got some revenge in the follow up fixture with Chelsea in the league as they put 4 past Di Matteo's side with Henderson, Shelvey and Agger on the score sheet plus a Chelsea own goal.

The season ended with a poor performance and loss at Swansea and left most fans glad it was all over. The cup runs were brilliant and provided bags of entertainment but looking back on the league, it was almost depressing. An 8th place finish was all the Reds could manage.

In the news...
- King Kenny has his contract terminated by FSG and thanks all of the Liverpool fans for their continued support.
- Francois Hollande becomes French President.
- The Olympic Flame arrives in Great Britain.

It was a season full of ups and downs and whilst there is no escaping the league form, it was still refreshing to see Liverpool have a pop at the cups and come away with some silverware. Ultimately though this wasn't good enough and the poor league form resulted in Kenny Dalglish losing his job, in reality though, it wouldn't of mattered who was at the helm, anyone would have struggled to stay in place.

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As our owners look to replace Kenny over the summer and with rumours there are up to 12 candidates it will certainly be an interesting period for us Liverpool fans, here's hoping a good decision is made and we can look forward to the 2012/2013 season.

In the Facebook votes on The Liver Bird's Fan Page you voted for Martin Skrtel as your player of the season and named the 3-0 win over Everton as your favourite match.

Skrtel won your votes...
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Thanks again for reading this season folks, I've enjoyed rambling on about each match and my adventures along the way. I start University in September and will be travelling to Coventry each day to study Geography and Natural Hazards which is something I've always loved. I will make sure though that I keep updating the blog as usual next season because I just love doing this too!

Have a lovely summer folks! YNWA