Reds Put 4 Past Valerenga But Lose To Celtic

Liverpool fans at the Dublin decider...
By the reaction on Twitter after Saturday's loss to Celtic you would think the world was about to end! And yes, whilst the performance was poor I can't be the only one requesting the drama queens to calm their passions. I love Twitter I really do but sometimes it just does your nut in! Unsurprisingly the reaction to the 4-1 win over Valerenga was a lot brighter on social media.

Suarez was left out of the Valerenga group that travelled to Norway, apparently due to injury but we all know better than that and John Henry certainly made the club's stance on Luis Suarez a lot clearer after the Norway trip.

It was a young side fielded by Rodgers in Norway but he also made 10 changes at half time. It was an easy win for the Reds who had goals from new signings Luis Alberto and Iago Aspas whilst Raheem Sterling and Martin Kelly also joined the score sheet. The first goal conceded in their pre-season also appeared in this game for Liverpool as Gonzalez found the back of the net for Valerenga in the first half.

In terms of the Celtic match there is little to report other than a rather dire display with the added magic of Coutinho and a lively Daniel Sturridge who entered the fray. An offside goal from Kolo Toure also confused the masses as official Twitter accounts and even the stadium announcer were convinced it was a goal, unfortunately for the Reds it wasn't and Balde's goal early on was the only goal of the game.

With pre-season over and Stoke up first in the Premier League for Liverpool, some people appear to be reading too much into the pre-season results, if I've learnt anything from pre-season I've learnt that it's not exactly Mystic Meg's crystal ball and in fairness we haven't done at all bad. For me last season one of the big problems was consistency if we can solve that problem we're already half way there but it's not as simple as that is it? We also need a few more names in before the window closes in my opinion as we're thin on the ground when we look at the subs bench. Coutinho and Aspas have impressed me the most this pre-season and I'm looking forward to seeing them start the league campaign.

In terms of that man Suarez I still don't know what I want, part of me thinks flog him, get rid! Then the other part thinks if he apologises, knuckles down and helps us challenge for the Champions League instead of just looking for a free ticket in, then maybe, just maybe I'll be ok with that.

What did you make of Liverpool's pre-season?