Season Predictions...

So I started back at work last week in my new graduate adult life. Surviving somehow at the moment with the early starts! As part of my first week one of the lads at work sent round a Predictions League and a Season Predictions sheet. We also have a fantasy football league going so of course I signed up to all three!

I figured it might be fun to share with you my predictions for the season:

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Premier League - Manchester City
First of all may I state that I have not predicted Manchester United to win anything as I refuse to do so which as you can see from my next prediction massively let me down at the weekend... Great bitter tactic haha! 

I do actually think Manchester City will have a chance though, they still have a strong team and a top manager coming in. Interested to see how it all pans out.

Community Shield - Leicester

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FA Cup - Liverpool
League Cup - Liverpool
Yes, I have gone a bit mental and said we'll win both the FA Cup and the League Cup but why the hell not? Of course I'd much rather us focus on the league seen as though we're out of Europe and sack the cups off but Klopp had two great cup runs last season and I wanted to make sure there was a good portion of Liverpool in my prediction list.

Golden Boot - Sergio Aguero
Bit of a cop out this one to be honest. I genuinely don't know who will be top scorer, there's several contenders but Sergio Agureo is a relatively reliable choice.

First Premier League Manager to be sacked - Francesco Guadolin
I'm sure I read in the Italian press somewhere that when Francesco Guadolin was announced as Swansea manager he actually thought he was going to be the manager of Watford. The fact that he perhaps doesn't even want to be in Wales coupled with the thought that Swansea may struggle next season has made me go for him.

Premier League Relegation #1 - Hull
Premier League Relegation #2 - Burnley
Premier League Relegation #3 - Bournemouth
I have never successfully predicted all three relegation clubs in my life so this was purely guess work.

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Championship Promotion #1 - Newcastle
Championship Promotion #2 - Wolves
Championship Promotion #3 - Aston Villa
A bit more than guess work for these, I am convinced Rafael Benitez will get Newcastle straight back up. Aston Villa many people appear to disagree with me here but I can't see them remaining in the Championship and as for Wolves, I know a fair bit about them, I thought they would be there or thereabouts this season but after they brought in a billionaire owner and Walter Zenga I had to back them.

Champions League - Bayern Munich
Don't fancy it going to Spain this year so that didn't leave many more options.

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Europa League - Napoli
Sevilla can't win it again... can they?! I've just opted for a strong team in the Champions League that will probably drop down into the competition.

Super Cup - Real Madrid
FIFA Club World Cup - Real Madrid
Real Madrid seemed the easiest option here.

La Liga - Barcelona
Didn't want Real Madrid all over the place.

Bundesliga - Borussia Dortmund
Didn't want to have Bayern Munich winning the Champions League and the league did I?

Serie A - Juventus
Don't want Juve to win it at all, would prefer if Roma or Napoli could improve on a strong season but we all know what Juve are like.

MLS Cup - New England Revolution
I won't lie, I had to google American football teams. I didn't even know who New England Revolution were... apparently it's these guys
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FIFA Ballon d'Or - Lionel Messi
Messi or Ronaldo, Messi or Ronaldo, Messi or Ronaldo........... Messi!

AFCON - Ghana
I know that Ghana have a strong side from watching them in World Cups, I'm just hoping they are still strong!

So as you can see sometimes I've actually been serious and others I've just plucked from thin air but hey, Leicester won the league last season and who the hell seriously predicted that?!

Stay tuned to The Liver Bird later this week for an Arsenal post!


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