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Season Predictions 2017/2018

So, just like last year I'm taking part in the work's predictor league, it's great fun and as it turns out I'm actually not too bad at predicting results. My downfall however was my season prediction sheet that you have to submit at the start of the season.

Let's compare actual results with mine shall we?

2016/2017 Actual Kirsty’s Predictions Premier League Winners Chelsea Manchester City Community Shield Winners Manchester United Leicester City FA Cup Winners Arsenal Liverpool League Cup Winners Manchester United Liverpool Premier League Golden Boot Harry Kane Sergio Aguero

Season Predictions...

So I started back at work last week in my new graduate adult life. Surviving somehow at the moment with the early starts! As part of my first week one of the lads at work sent round a Predictions League and a Season Predictions sheet. We also have a fantasy football league going so of course I signed up to all three!

I figured it might be fun to share with you my predictions for the season:

Tweet me your own predictions.

Premier League - Manchester City
First of all may I state that I have not predicted Manchester United to win anything as I refuse to do so which as you can see from my next prediction massively let me down at the weekend... Great bitter tactic haha! 

I do actually think Manchester City will have a chance though, they still have a strong team and a top manager coming in. Interested to see how it all pans out.

Community Shield - Leicester

FA Cup - Liverpool
League Cup - Liverpool
Yes, I have gone a bit mental and said we'll win both the FA Cup and the League Cup but wh…