Chelsea In The League Cup At Anfield

"Chelsea In The League Cup At Anfield" - a headline that would usually envoke excitement from not only kopites but neutral football fans too. Not this time though, I genuinely couldn't really care less about this game and I realise how bad that sounds but the fact is, Klopp and his main team need to focus on Chelsea in the league at the weekend and the Napoli fixture next week.

Image via Sky Sports
Don't get me wrong, if we find a way past Chelsea in the cup with a weakened team, I'm all for it but it just shouldn't be taking any real focus from Liverpool at the moment, other than to act as a brilliant opportunity for some of our youngsters to gain valuable experience.

Depending on which blog or newspaper article you read, our predicted starting XI varies quite a bit. I personally would certainly expect to see Mignolet in goal and I am expecting Sturridge and Henderson who aren't really starting matches at the moment but offer that base of experience and stability.

As for the rest of the side, I'm hoping to see Clyne and although I've had my moments with him, it would be nice to see Moreno get a bit of game time.

For Chelsea, I can't decide whether Sarri is going to use this as a good opportunity to push for silverware or whether he too is focused on the league game. Chelsea are in the Europa League and so may not be placing as much importance on that as Liverpool will undoubtedly be doing for their upcoming European fixture.

One thing I do know is that Italian managers know what they're doing when it comes to English football. Sarri has started very well and tactically I think he has quite a lot of teams sussed out, will he outfox Klopp though? I'm not so sure.

Enjoy the match folks, wherever you are watching!