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The Liver Bird Is 3!

That's right folks, today marks the 3rd birthday of my little blog The Liver Bird. I'd usually make a special post to mark the day but as you all know at this moment in time there are much more important matters with the release of the Hillsborough Independent Panel Report yesterday so this will be a short post just to stamp a mark.

3 years in and I honestly don't feel any different from when I started it, I still thoroughly enjoy writing up my posts even though my imagination seems to have dipped recently haha! And I still love chatting with everyone via comments and on Twitter after and before games, it's part of my life now.

In July this year something amazing happened for the blog after my readers and Twitter followers voted for it in the Football Blogging Awards and it only went and soddin won best female football blog of 2012! I was so chuffed and still can't quite grasp that my blog is an award winner and it's all thanks to you readers! I'm very pro…