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Carra: GOLD

Well this is a new training pitch routine...
So, the scouser we all love has finally decided to host his testimonial game on Saturday to celebrate 10 years at Liverpool FC. His tenth year at the club was in fact back in 2007 but the 32 year old wanted to wait until he could create an appropriate and one off special football match, something he had always dreamed of, not only this but he always had imprinted in his mind that all the proceeds would go towards his 23 foundation in order to help people and charities in Liverpool.

I must confess i had the biggest schoolgirl crush on Carragher, then the biggest teenage crush right up to a sort of now guilty pleasure, he is 32 after all, bit of an age gap going on there Jamie! Haha.
Point being, i have followed Carragher closely through his career, he started at the club just as my interest really began and as i grew older i really started to appreciate what a superb example of a footballer he is.
Yes, he can sometimes get hot headed and we …