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Which Reds Will Make Your Fantasy Football Team?

It's that time of year again when all the fantasy football experts come crawling out of the woodwork, ready to find the perfect witty team name alongside a scribbled down list of potential forwards, midfielders, defenders and the most reliable goalkeeper money can buy. At the same time, I always seem to find myself joining in, usually via a work's league and then after about two months I completely forget about the whole thing but hey, it's all good fun eh?

So who I hear you ask will make my team from Jurgen Klopp's collection of players?* (Let me know on Twitter who will be making your own line ups! - @LFCKirstyLFC/@_TheLiverBird)

*On the assumption that most leagues will only accept three players from one Premier League team

Mamadou Sakho
Straight in there, first on the team sheet for me is Mamadou Sakho. He's had his ups and downs and I personally also questioned some of his performances last season while most were already well on the bandwagon however I expect t…