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The Liver Bird Is Going Abroad!

Ok, well, the blog isn't going abroad but I am. I've never been abroad before and I'm stupendously excited but the downside is for the first time EVER I will unfortunately have to miss a post or two.

Today's post is basically to give you a run down of what's happening and also have a quick chat about the two games affected whilst I'm away.

As you have probably noticed, I haven't been doing match previews for the friendlies this season, just reports so thankfully that's one less thing to worry about.

We face Valencia at Anfield on Saturday in the final friendly. In Dalglish's last chance to play around with the line ups I'm pretty certain he'll give the Anfield crowd the opportunity to see all of our new signings and some of the youngsters.

The way our friendlies have been going of late I think one thing I'd have a punt on is plenty of goals.

The Valencia match report I'm afraid is one thing that won't appear on the blog. I know …