A Long Needed 3 Points

Liverpool beat Martinez's Wigan yesterday at Anfield and secured a much needed win. The boys managed to put two past ex Liverpool keeper Chris Kirkland although it was still some of the same old story after the lads conceded another very late goal which sort of put a spoil on what could have been a better result.

Nevertheless, despite the performance and the late goal Liverpool got those crucial 3 points and after Man City dropped points themselves we are now in a safer looking 6th and closing the gap.

A very fitting result for the lads on the night that Liverpool celebrated the great man that is Bill Shankly, legends such as Ian St.John, Keegan and good old Rushy were all present for the North West clash and The Kop End portrayed a massive mosaic all part of the great show put on in memory of one of the best Manger's ever to grace football.

Liverpool got off to a great start after getting an early goal via David N'Gog, a glancing header saw the ball home and we were in front by 8 minutes. Task 1 - done, Task 2? Get another goal.

Task 2 would not be completed in the first half it appeared after Liverpool saw several chances blocked by Bramble who was surprisingly playing well.

Second half and Fabio Aurelio was up to his old first half tricks providing plenty of crosses and and making sure he was a constant attacking threat. Shots from Kuyt and Mascherano were the only real chances within the early stages of the second half and as the clock ticked down that niggling thought in your mind became ever more present. ~ "We're going to throw away our lead if we let them get too comfortable, all this pressure is arising to nothing."

It took another good 20 minutes before Liverpool managed to get another goal, thankfully in the same amount of time Wigan had not managed to punish and as Torres received the ball Anfield was certain he would find the net. Albeit a bit untidy as his initial shot was blocked the ball came back to Torres's feet and as he skillfully made sure he took it round Bramble and away from a scurrying Kirkland he slotted the ball home confidently.

So there we were, 2-0 up with just 15 minutes to go, arguably we were entitled to push for another goal but most importantly we should have been focused defensively. As i said in the match preview it would have been very nice to have left the game with a clean sheet and have beaten Wigan good and proper but as in the fashion of the shoddy Liverpool defence of late, we conceded on 91 minutes courtesy of an N'Zogbia goal.

I have no idea what any of the defence were doing at the point N'Zogbia came running across goal but defending they were not. Ball watching and waiting for the right moment to get in a tackle maybe? But it didn't soddin' work. Past, Insua, past Agger, past Skrtel and past Carragher then left with enough space to get in his attempt. It was a shambles.

However for now, although the performance was again a very similar below par Liverpool one, we should not dwell on the negatives. We should think of the positives i.e another David N'Gog goal, a goal from Torres who is now easily on target to become the fastest ever player in Liverpool's history to reach 50 goals for the club and most importantly, we should be grateful for the 3 points. Performance aside, we got the win and that is all we need at the moment. I don't care how we get the wins, just as long as they start to come in.

With Portsmouth next and then Wolverhampton Wanderers i should hope that this will be a great opportunity to collect 6 points. Not only from the clubs point of view but from a rather selfish view of my own. Boxing day will be a very tasty game for myself as my fella is a massive Wolves fan, and i bloody well want bragging rights here!

But of course before this, the Portsmouth game is first point of call and although Avram appears to be moulding Pompey into a slightly more threatening side, we have no excuses, a win is the only option.