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7 Days, 7 Guests - Keepers

Today's article is the last article in the 7 Days, 7 Guests feature on The Liver Bird. Thank you to all of you that took the time to take part!

Today we have an article on some of the unsung heroes between the sticks at Anfield written by Emil who you can follow on Twitter @EmilLFC7.

WITH a number of comings and goings expected this summer at Anfield, one of the positions that King Kenny is expected to change is that of understudy to Pepe Reina. The current reserve is Brad Jones who arrived for a little over £2 million 12 months ago. However, there remain some doubts over Jones’ Anfield future with the Reds offering a contract to former Liverpool keeper, Brad Friedel, who chose Spurs over a move back to L4.
So, here is a reminder of some former bench-warming goalkeepers from the past who had one of football’s toughest jobs.:
Steve Ogrizovic
Had the misfortune of being understudy to goalkeeping legend Ray Clemence for four years and later, spent a season in the shadow of Bruce Grobelaar,…

7 Days, 7 Guests - Transfer Talk

Today's post is by Stuart who you can follow on Twitter @strtbrdsn. In case you haven't noticed, the transfer window is open and Stuart decided to talk about transfers in his guest post.

One of the first thing in Kenny Dalglish's mind seems to have been getting that very "homely" feel back into Liverpool - he clearly understands the importance of having some foreign flair in their but you only have to look at the sort of targets we're allegedly (and I hasten to emphasise ALLEGEDLY) being linked with to see what the idea is - get back to the old way with a genuine English spine with a scattering of foreign talent to accentuate it where required - the most obvious name here being Suarez who everyone can agree is an absolute delight to watch when he plays, a true talent - but to get that undeniable Liverpool feel back to the place.

Personally my main problem with this somewhat admirable idea is that you are fully aware that buying English players brings with it …

7 Days, 7 Guests - "Two Man Team"

Today's article takes us back to that fantastic season of 08/09 and back to that old gem of a phrase "Liverpool are just a two man team." Written by Michael Owen who you can follow on Twitter @mfowen91. He also runs a top #LFC blog called The Anfield Opinion which you can visit here.

If you believed the media at the time, Liverpool’s side of 2008/09 was a “two man team” to quote a seemingly never-ending list of Sky Sports pundits who graced our television screens throughout the season.

According to the tabloid press Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres were the only players in the side worthy of the world-class title, whilst the rest of the squad, seemingly, was seen as a mere hindrance to our numbers eight and nine over the course of the season.

Of course as the next season came around, and Liverpool’s fortunes changed for the worse, hindsight was the word of the day, as many players who were rarely mentioned by the ever-so-knowledgeable pundits became world-beating sup…

Fixtures 2011/2012

Were you there this morning frantically logging on to the website to check which ground we were going to win the league at in May? Haha! Maybe a bit ahead of myself there!

Liverpool open the season away at Sunderland which is a decent first fixture i feel. Arsenal is our next match and Bolton makes up the opening month of August.
October and February are exciting months for Liverpool fans, the derby at Goodison on the 1st of October is swiftly followed by Manchester United at Anfield on the 15th! In February we face United on the 11th and then Everton straight after on the 25th.
For once i feel we've been given a very pleasing final fixture with an away trip to Swansea, ok final home game would have been better but i don't think we can complain. Chelsea at Anfield is our other fixture in May.
From a selfish point of view i was looking also at when we face me fellas team Wolverhampton Wanderers. We've got them at Anfield on the 24th September, gutted because he'll be at wor…

7 Days, 7 Guests - Red, White And Blue

Today's post is by Stephen Brandt you can follow him on Twitter @KingKennyfanlfc his article is a tale about being a Liverpool fan and living in America. I think a lot of my readers may be able to relate to this post by Stephen, for more from him his blog can be found here.

Those who know me, know I’m obsessed with the UK.  I blame my father, but I also thank my father on that one. Everything from the Avengers, to The Bill, to soccer I pretty much watch or do something with. But let’s step this back for a minute. What if said person wasn’t from the UK, or haven’t ever been in the UK? Would that be normal? Or would the be Stephen Brandt?

I’m not saying I’m abnormal when it comes to the global sport, but for where I live, and the media coverage of the sport, it should be a shock. A little history on me, I’m Stephen Brandt, and I was born in Columbus Ohio. I was raised in Rochester NY, and went to high school in Minnesota. So there’s no real hot bed of European soccer coverage for a …

7 Days, 7 Guests - Istanbul

Today's article is by Gareth Roberts, if you use Twitter you will probably know @robbohuyton from his Well Red blogging to his fantastic Well Red magazine which you can purchase online here.

I'm sure a few of you have already read this post but Gareth was kind enough to allow me to post on here for my 7 Days feature. He was one of the lucky ones in 2005 who experienced every inch of Istanbul.

IT STARTED with a miss...

When the ball dropped to Eidur Gudjohnsen at the far post it was like someone had pressed the mute button. It was the loudest night on the Kop in my lifetime (I swear the actual stand was moving) yet in that split second you could hear a pin drop (or perhaps a fart or two squeak out of the thousands of twitching Red arses...).

Breath was held, hands went to faces – with Jerzy Dudek flailing on the floor it looked a cert the net would ripple as the Chelsea striker took aim...but it didn't.

In that moment, I knew it – we were going to a European Cup final. We, L…

7 Days, 7 Guests - Being A Liverpool Fan

Today's article is a great piece simply about what it means to be a Liverpool fan. As most Liverpool fans know, supporting your club is not just a hobby, it's a part of your life. The article is written by Senaly and you can follow her on Twitter @sena16suarez.

Being a Liverpool Fan

Like most Kopites, over the last few weeks, I’ve been subjected to endless banter and mockery from Mancs who can’t shut up about how they’ve overtaken our record. Of course, the Barcelona magic shut them up momentarily, but they soon retaliated with ‘at least we’ll get to try again next season’. But in all these word-wars the one comment that hit me the strongest came from a mate who said, “Look I think Liverpool’s a good team, but Man U is a better one. Why do you support them anyway? Everyone likes to be on the winning side, so forgive me for backing a team that’s actually won the league in my lifetime!”

So I stopped to think about this...why do I support Liverpool? Well, to be honest, I first sup…

7 Days, 7 Guests - Boo Boys

For 7 days The Liver Bird is being hijacked by guest bloggers. I am delighted to be showing you some fantastic pieces from Liverpool fans who you can also follow on Twitter.
First up this week with an article on the "Boo Boys" is Ian, you can find Ian on Twitter as @Ian_LFC and you can also check out his bloghere.
Lucas Has Survived the Boo Boys – Who’s Next?
“I’ve paid my money so I’m entitled to my opinion” is something I’ve heard spoken many times in The Kop over the years. In recent years, in the pubs packed on a match day, you’ll hear similar albeit with the money paid going over the bar. So what are the protestations about and who makes them?
Liverpool supporters, the “greatest fans in the world” have always had an element of the fan base that will get on a Liverpool player’s back, constantly, often ignorantly; and game in, game out.
This has always rankled with me. Yes of course we’ve had players not good enough to be in our team, you know them so I won’t name them. Oh…

Jordan Henderson: Welcome To Anfield

Pick yer boots...
Liverpool completed the signing of Jordan Henderson yesterday after a week or so of him being top of the rumours list it appeared to be a battle of wits settling on a price. Eventually the brains of the club managed to agree a fee with Sunderland and the young prospect is now a Liverpool player after passing a medical.

Believed to be in the region of £16million plus Ngog i feel that was some good business from Comolli. Perhaps a bit more than i would have liked to see us pay but especially when concerning English players, this is the way the window is at the moment.

I wish David Ngog the best of luck and think he could thrive at a club like Sunderland, along with their problems up front lately he could be just what they're looking for. He scored the first Liverpool goal i ever saw live so I'll certainly never forget him! Haha.

Captain Steven Gerrard seems happy with the latest signing describing the ex Sunderland man as "... a good player with energy.&quo…