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Reds Off To Wales

Liverpool travel to Swansea on Saturday afternoon and depending on which story you believe Jurgen Klopp could be lining up against one of three managers: Francesco Guidolin, Ryan Giggs or Bob Bradley.
Guidolin has got off to a terrible start with Swansea this season with the Swans collecting four losses in their last five matches. A good performance against Manchester City wasn't enough to stave off the mounting pressure on the Italian manager and I personally will not be surprised if the Liverpool result is the end of his tenure in Wales.
Guidolin will probably be pretty pleased though, according to the Italian press when he signed the deal with Swansea he actually thought he was going to manage Watford...
Jordi Amat of Swansea said this week that the players believe in their manager and are fully behind him but it's going to take a lot more than belief to get a win over Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool this weekend. The Reds have got off to a flying start and have lost just one…

Klopp Asks For Anger

This week in his press conference Jurgen Klopp asked for a greedy and angry performance from his Liverpool side because Hull apparently want our points. While I immediately envisaged Roberto Firmino storming at the Hull defence turning green and shouting "You won't like me when I'm angry", in all seriousness, it is a very good point.

Last season Liverpool lost to sides associated with the lower half of the table such as Crystal Palace, Newcastle United and Watford. This season has been no different after the Reds slipped up at Burnley so Klopp's comments make real sense. The passion and fire we see from the lads against the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal needs to be transferred to a Saturday afternoon fixture against Hull. On paper, of course it's hard to get excited about but if they don't set out for these games with the right mentality, then we will continue to falter.

Hull are no mugs of course and have been unlucky in some of their opening games. Beati…

Five Things We Learned From The Chelsea Game

1) Best ever finish with a black eye? Who knew Dejan Lovren had it in him?! Opening up the scoring after 17 minutes, the defender pulled off a finish any striker would have been proud of. Not only this but his positioning and decision to remain up top meant he was in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

I was pretty merry last night after several ciders in celebration but I still found myself questioning at 2am this morning in the taxi home "How'd he do that though? As if Lovren scored that".

I'm going to stick my neck out and say that is the best goal scored by somebody with a black eye. If you have any other entries please feel free to tweet me.

2) Jordan Henderson can get it right I love Jordan Henderson, I honestly do but I find him extremely frustrating at times, none more so than when he tries to have a pop at goal from 25 yards out and ends up sending his effort out the ground. That wasn't the case on Friday night though after the ball splay…

Liverpool: Conte's Toughest Test Yet?

Antonio Conte isn't the type of manager to shy away from a fight and looking back at Chelsea's run of fixtures it looks as though Liverpool are going to be the first real test for the Italian. Up to yet Chelsea have faced West Ham, Watford, Bristol Rovers, Burnley and Swansea.

Conte has steered his side to four wins in the process and one draw in their most recent game against Swansea which ended 2-2. Despite hailing from a country renowned for its defensive capabilities (put on show during his time as Azzurri boss) Conte has been unable to shaw things up at the back with Chelsea only managing to keep one clean sheet so far this season (Burnley 3-0).

Conte may have the answer to some of his back four issues though as he announced in Thursday's presser that David Luiz would be brought in for Friday night's game. Most on Twitter however laughed at the fact the man Chelsea sold and then bought back from PSG is supposed to be the remedy.

It's no secret that I'm eve…

How Exactly Do You "Do A Leicester"?

So just how exactly do you "Do a Leicester". The phrase is destined to remain within footballing folklore for years to come but what were the factors? Why did Leicester, the 5000/1 shot storm the league in 2015/2016?

Jamie Vardy, having a party? It's the classic Roy of the Rovers fairytale that every young person playing football dreams of. Jamie Vardy was (as I'm sure you are all well aware) released by Sheffield Wednesday as a youth. In 2007 he started playing for Stocksbridge Park Steels and by 2010 he was with FC Halifax. In 2011 he signed for Fleetwood Town, helping the club win the Conference. Finally, after many would have given up, Leicester came calling.

Without Vardy, it's simple, the Foxes would not have won the Premier League. The striker played 36 out of 38 games in the league scoring a massive 24 goals in the process (not forgetting his consecutive record for scoring in 11 games on the trot). His consistency was unrivalled and no matter who the oppo…