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Rodgers On Suarez, Gerrard, Carra & Anfield

Like Thursday's post on the blog I've kindly been given quotes from Yahoo! for the second half of their interview with Brendan Rodgers. This time it's mainly all about the magical Uruguayan - Luis Suarez.
After being asked whether Luis Suarez was the most talented player he had worked with Brendan was a bit reluctant to make that claim saying it wasn't fair on other people he had and was yet to work with but he did say:
"What I am sure of though, is his warrior spirit and I love his humility, work rate, attitude to training and his desire to be a winner."
The neutrals will always have their negative opinions of Luis Suarez but I don't think anybody can deny his work rate and attitude, even on an off day when he hasn't got his shooting boots on you'll never find Suarez giving up, he chases down balls that everybody else has rendered pointless, he's always on full cylinders.
Next Rodgers was asked whether Suarez will be in with a chance of winni…

Rodgers On Sturridge, Coutinho & His Start To Liverpool Life

I don't usually make posts like this but after being given access to some nice quotes from Yahoo! I figured I should get something written up because I know it would be of interest to you readers! I'd like to point out that as always I'm not being funded for this, you know from looking around the blog that I don't even pair up with advertising at the moment let alone paid posts, it's just not my style.

With a few games left in the season it seems as though Brendan Rodgers will be able to steer his side to the Europa League but the early hopes of Champions League football have been dashed. It's been a bit of an inconsistent start from Rodgers but these things take time, he was dignified enough to realise early on that his original blue print of the Swansea set up wasn't going to work for Liverpool and some good signings plus some reverse psychology with the likes of Stewart Downing have allowed him to form a real attacking side this season. It hasn't go…