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There's More At Stake Than Just Three Points...

I don't care if i still haven't collected yet, i'm still putting another quid on the big Greek for first goalscorer tomorrow!...
There's the small matter of bragging rights too.
Yes folks, it's that time of the season once again, after Wolves managed to stay in the Premier League last season i once again got to add tomorrow's fixture to my list of favourites. As a Liverpool fan living in Wolverhampton that alone makes the match a hell of a lot more exciting but add to that having my other half being an avid Wolves fan well the banter is just immense.
Come kick off tomorrow i will be sat in a pub in Wolverhampton with me fella and some mates, few drinks at hand and completely lacking confidence in Liverpool's abilities.
The plus side for Liverpool of course (and it's the ONLY plus side) is that our form at Anfield has been good. 4 games on the bounce unbeaten and only one goal conceded in that time.
To help support our quest for some confidence in the run up …

A Gold And Black Perspective

So for those of you that don't know by now (where have you been?!) my lovely other half is a massive Wolves fan. Of course with me living in Wolverhampton that's hardly shocking is it? Anyways, as i did last season i have requested that he gives The Liver Bird a taste of how they are feeling on the opposite side in the run up to Wednesday night's clash.
My match preview will be up at some point tomorrow but for the time being enjoy...
One to watch Matt Jarvis...
Wolves head to Anfield on the back of a demoralising home defeat to relegation rivals Wigan Athletic. It certainly spoilt my Boxing Day, though it came as no major surprise.
That defeat probably marks the lowest point of our season. Beaten at home by Wigan and bottom of the league. Not quite bottom at Christmas, but close enough. In truth, it's looking pretty hopeless.
But we are just the sort of team who could pull out a result on Wednesday night. Last season, we were beaten home and away by Portsmouth but did the …

Liverpool Fail To Attack Wolves

Liverpool were held to a very frustrating and disappointing 0-0 stalemate last night at Molineux. For my first ever experience of seeing the lads play, there weren't too many positives.

After meeting Kenny Dalglish moments before i sat down to watch the match, i was beginning to think nothing could top that now, and it didn't. I also met that Farley bloke after he came into the boardroom to do some of his now famous Liverpool impressions, however, the match that followed would not provide much to smile about.

So the first shock of the night came when i was handed the team sheet in the boardroom, i could not believe Gerrard was starting, i knew it was now highly likely that he would be on the bench, but i would never of guessed he would of started let alone play the full 90minutes.
I was glad to see the likes of Kyrgiakos, Riera, Carragher and Reina on too, all for different reasons. One thing that did puzzle me slighlty was the option of Kuyt on his own. Although i know it has wo…

It's Been Too Long

So, the day is finally here. The day i have waited for since watching Liverpool intently for the first time on the television at the age of about six. For 14 years, my love of Liverpool Football Club has grown and grown, as i learnt more, i felt more in touch with a club based some 77 miles away from the town i call home.
Being based in Wolverhampton never really poses questions to your club loyalty until of course the local team gets back into the Premier League as of this season.
My family are all Wolverhampton Wanderer's fans aside from a cousin who supports West Brom and a cousin and Uncle who are Liverpool fans. My partner is also an avid Wolves supporter which makes Tuesday night even tastier.
My brother, who was a Liverpool fan, and was the reason i started supporting the Reds in the first place is now an avid Wolves supporter, so much so that on Tuesday night he will be in the home end. Despite what he makes out though, i know that deep down his love for Liverpool is still th…

View From The Other Side

Right, as most of you now know, i am the loving girlfriend of a Wolverhampton Wanderers fan...


Yes maybe he is :P, but as promised here is the view from the other side as it were. If you would like to keep up to date with his blog you can also follow him on Tumblr here, and his Twitter is @RichTWISI.

Enjoy, i can feel the rivalry building up already.

My match preview shall be up tomorrow.

In the build up to the Anfield game a month ago, there was a strange optimism around most Wolves fans, a sort of 'bring on Liverpool' attitude. That's because we were on a run of three wins from four while Liverpool just been beaten at Portsmouth and all in all, were having a pretty disastrous season. And while we gave a good account of ourselves for an hour, Stephen Ward was (eventually) sent off, and a touch of class from Steven Gerrard tipped the balance in their favour.

Fast forward a month and things could not be more different. Since then we have not won in the league or even scored …

A Dash Of Red In A Sea Of Gold And Black

Okay, so I'll set the scene. It's about 4 o'clock when me, me fella aka Rich (Wolves), me mate Josh (Wolves) and my old friend from school Plim (Wolves) all show up at the pub of choice - actually half pub, half bowling alley, ready to get some drinks in and settle down for the build up.

After a few games of Match Of The Day and 1 vs 100 on the quiz machine and some deliberation, i decided the seats we had chosen were at a bit too bad of an angle for the liking of my neck. Not only this but shortly after i had sat down, a man at the table next to us decided to start chanting "Utd,Utd,Utd!" to which i muttered "shit" unfortunately, his mate realised and told him then it was the whole "did she just say shit?" so i said "yes", blah blah blah several moments later from the Manchester United?/Wolves fan? ... "So are you like a proper fan then?", "What dya reckon the result will be?" so on and so forth, i answered, he se…

An Insider's View

Right, for those of you that don't know already i am a Liverpool fan who lives in Wolverhampton. After growing up with a brother who was obsessed with the Red's and a Dad who supported Wolverhampton Wanderers but not enough to rub in the tradition my love for Liverpool began. At a pretty young age with my brother's room full of posters, magazines etc etc and him constantly watching Liverpool games on the TV i soon began to pick up things and learn about the club until i was old enough to follow them properly, make my own views and buy my first Liverpool shirt, from then on i have stuck with the lads ever since and will never turn back, unlike my brother (now 30) who switched to supporting Wolves when he was about 19, how he did it i don't know but anyway...
Your probably thinking, why on earth did you just tell me that paragraph of what was seemingly nonsense? Well i felt that was the first bit i should explain before then explaining how i came to work at The Molineux.…