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Heartbreak in Kiev | Champions League Final 2018

It wasn't supposed to end this way. The Reds were always labelled as the underdogs but nobody could have predicted the way that the Champions League final unfolded on Saturday night. 

I'd travelled up to Liverpool via the Wirral with me fella, brother and a mate to watch the match at Camp and Furnace. I was so excited to head up to Liverpool for the final, I love being in the city in general but even more so for an event like this. 

We pottered around in the centre and popped to a couple of pubs and the bookies prior to heading to Camp and Furnace. Arrived at the venue after a few ciders and some rum around 5pm-ish and then took our places in front of the big screen.

Tucking into my hot dog, still on the cider, that sick feeling which had hit me Friday night after finishing work began to slowly get worse. I'd made the decision that I wouldn't drink during the match. Before long the famous Champions League graphics were staring back at me and I was faced with a starting li…

It's Time For Kiev | Liverpool FC | Champions League

It's 2005, I'm 15 years old, starting to really hone my obsession with Liverpool Football Club, sat in the living room of our Wolverhampton council house, waiting for the Reds to kick off in Istanbul.

Like many Liverpool fans back then I never seriously thought we would find a route to the final with that team but the magic was tangible. The Olympiakos game and that infamous Gerrard goal, Hyypia scoring against Juventus and the ghost goal at Anfield. None of those things really should have happened, but I quickly learned as a 15 year old that Liverpool in Europe are just something else.

Twenty years after reaching their last European Cup final in 1985, Rafa Benitez's Liverpool side proved they had the stamina to not only make it to the final but also come back from 3-0 down to win on penalties. At half time I had retreated to the bathroom and I'm not afraid to say, I had tears in my eyes. I was absolutely gutted, we'd worked so hard to get there and it was crumbling …

Second String Liverpool Keep Out First Rate Ronaldo

Looking at the starting line up yesterday you would have been a fool to suggest Liverpool would only concede once at the Bernabeu. After Brendan Rodgers fielded what was essentially a B team there was disappointment from several Kopites on Tuesday evening who had been looking forward to a glittering tie with Real Madrid.

I was another fan raising questions about the choice of line up, mainly because I felt it was a bit disrespectful to be honest but as always, whoever Brendan picks I will back them 100%. One player I was happy to see introduced was Kolo Toure. I've been calling for him to be back in defence for a while now and boy did he put on a cult hero's display.

It quickly became evident in the first half that despite the slightly unconvincing starting XI, there was a method in Rodgers' madness. He'd instructed his team to remain compact, disciplined and when you manage to keep Cristiano Ronaldo silent for the majority of the game... there has to be credit given …

Reds Dream Of A Miracle At The Bernabeu

Liverpool prepare to face Real Madrid at the Bernabeu on Tuesday evening as Brendan Rodgers' side aim to keep their hopes of progressing to the next stage of the Champions League alive. Daniel Sturridge has travelled with the team but surely it's too early for him to feature? He will apparently be subject to a late fitness test.

Tomorrow is my birthday which only makes my excitement for this massive Champions League tie even greater. Being an optimistic fan though has its downsides like fooling yourself into thinking your team can pick up some points against Real Madrid only to have your dreams crushed...

However, I can dream of miracles and I bloody will dream of them. It's the Champions League and anything can happen.

Liverpool's last meeting with Real two weeks ago ended rather badly. Madrid had the Reds well inside their pockets and a flicker of attacks from Liverpool was only eventually allowed as the away side decided to take their foot off the gas.

On Tuesday n…

"Sheer Madness"

"Sheer madness" that is the descriptive phrase Mark Lawrenson has selected after watching Liverpool lose 3-0 to Real Madrid. Surely a reaction like that can only be warranted by the poor defensive performance? No? ... No. Apparently it is "sheer madness" that Mario Balotelli would swap his shirt with an opposition player at half time, forgive me for thinking Lawro has pushed the 'overkill' button here.

I never set out for this report to be so heavily focused on Mario but after watching the media reaction bubble from a molehill to a mountain, I simply had to voice my opinion.

Several Liverpool fans never wanted Balotelli in the first place, that's fine. These people are not the ones I hold a frustration with, nor am I necessarily frustrated with the rest of our fanbase who are rightly raising questions about Balotelli's performances. My issue lies with those who are making him a scapegoat and the media who love nothing more than to write sensational…

Classic European Night In Store For Reds

Spanish giants Real Madrid will make their way onto the Anfield turf on Wednesday night as Liverpool attempt to recreate one of numerous classic European nights in front of the Kop. With news filtering through that Gareth Bale will also be missing for the tie, every bonus will aid Brendan Rodgers' side as he searches for a landmark win.

Despite the Welshman being missing from their squad Real Madrid are also without Sergio Ramos who has a calf problem. For Liverpool they are without Daniel Sturridge, Mamadou Sakho and Jon Flanagan. Brendan Rodgers will select an XI from a now much stronger squad after boosts in fitness.

The last time the two sides met was in an unforgettable 4-0 win at Anfield back in March 2009. In one of the peak Rafa seasons, the Reds absolutely ripped apart Madrid with goals from Torres, Gerrard and Dossena.

Real Madrid have the small matter of Barcelona to deal with at the weekend and it will be hard for manager Carlo Ancelotti not to maintain one eye on tha…

Past Players: Volume 7 - Steve McManaman

Steve McManaman is one of the Liverpool players that were around in the era that I began learning everything about Liverpool Football Club. Most people will know now that the reason I ended up supporting Liverpool was down to a brother who was obsessed with them at the time. Despite being only 10 when McManaman left I remember watching several games with my brother praising his every move but it appears that many younger fans these days and neutrals alike have no idea how good McManaman actually was, he separates opinion when it comes to his personality but he truly had a gift on the field.

The Basics

Full Name: Steven McManaman
Date Of Birth: 11th February 1972
Born in: Kirkdale, Liverpool
Height: 6ft
Position: Attacking Midfielder

Personal Life

Before signing his first contract with Liverpool McManaman was a much praised cross country runner, he even beat a former Olympian at one stage on the circuit. 

Many people often forget that Steve lost his mother during his last season at Liverpool, s…

Past Players: Volume 4 - Michael Owen

There was a time for Liverpool fans when the name "Michael Owen" was uttered, we felt proud. Nowadays however, after the Liverpool starlet went from Anfield to Bernabeu to St James' Park and then to Old Trafford, feelings have somewhat changed.

I've been meaning to do a past players post on Michael Owen for months, partly because i can start by voicing my own opinions on the saga but secondly because it's a real talking point it would be great to hear some of your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter.

As a 21 year old, i grew up with Michael Owen, from the stupid childhood crush to the amazement at his pace and ability to weave through defences, he was my idol. Back then he epitomized what Liverpool FC was to me, i loved him so much i named my pet rabbit after him, i afterwards found out the rabbit was female though poor bunny.

My brothers room was plastered with Michael Owen posters and i think it's safe to say he was my first ever favourite player. I find…