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Educate The Ignorant

Russell Hawker is clearly a very ignorant and uneducated man, in case you haven't seen his recent tweets about the Hillsborough disaster i shall put the print screen below (click to enlarge). To cut a long story short, the man believes that the root cause of Hillsborough was hooliganism. Wrong.

I personally don't see why this man should get any rest, after all, he clearly hasn't learnt anything from the years of fighting for justice.If you would like to help educate Mr Russell Hawker feel free to tweet him @russellhawker
Better still e.mail him -
I found that to be the better option due to my disgust not fitting into 140 characters although Mr Russell feels 140 characters is adequate to crush the hearts of the Hillsborough victims families and anyone involved. My email is below. Say how you feel but don't stick your foot in it and get personal and offensive. Any amount of emails will never equal the suffering of those affected by Hillsborou…

Purslow, Hodgson, Hunt (Not Roger) & Help Save Liverpool FC

One day this will be mine... Alllll miiiinee muhahahahaha! (I swear he's a Bond villain.)

After some slow weeks in terms of news for blog posts due to the majority of the Liverpool team being away on world cup duty and the managerial position still being a no go, this week there have been a few interesting points i'd like to highlight and i also want to just push you towards a fantastic idea and opportunity to show how you are against Hicks, Gillett, Purslow... In fact show how you are against the whole damn shambles of how our great club is being run.
To start off with Christian Purslow, who is already at the bottom of most peoples christmas card list has made things a lot worse for himself this week after popular Liverpool fans forum Red And White Kop (RAWK) was contacted by lawyers acting on behalf of Mr.Purslow. He was said to be unhappy with the personal information (more likely the harsh - but fair, comments from some forum members) that was contained in the forums.
I'm …

Time To Leave Your Mark

Hey folks, just a short post giving you a heads up about a fantastic new website which is trying it's utmost to clean up football. As Liverpool fans we are all too familiar with the dangerous financial situation at our club, with the Premier League alone suffering massive debts it is time to get serious.
Oi! FA is a website not just for Liverpool FC fans but for fans of football clubs up and down the UK who are concerned about the current state of football, whether you are worried about your own club or just for the game in general, stop by and have your say.
It takes just two seconds to sign The Petition and it would be excellent if you could help spread the word, get your followers on Twitter or Facebook friends to spare a moment of their time for the benefit of the football club they love.
Oi! FA also has a Facts & Stats section where you can size up your clubs financial situation compared to any other club, with details being updated it is a great source of information.
They a…


Liverpool released the fixture list for the 2010/2011 season yesterday and the Reds will be opening the campaign at home to Arsene Wenger's Gunners. With Man City straight afterwards at the City Of Manchester Stadium and then a massive game away to Manchester United just two matches later it is certain to be a tough start for whoever is appointed as the new manager of our football club.
We have to wait until October 16th for our first Merseyside derby, the first leg will be at Goodison Park and the match at Anfield is some 3months later.
Our first meeting with the current Premier League holders Chelsea is on the 6th of November, one i am most looking forward to from a selfish point of view as it is just two days after my 21st birthday.
We do not meet the likes of Tottenham and Villa until late November, the trip down to London is followed directly by a match at Anfield against Midlander's Aston Villa.
My free ticket to see the boys courtesy of work means i will be freezing my ass …

Past Players: Volume 3 - Kenny Dalglish

Basics Full Name: Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish Nickname: King Kenny DOB: 4th March 1951 Height: 5"8

Kenny Dalglish was born and raised in the Scottish city of Glasgow and was a huge Glasgow Rangers fan as a boy so it was quite a surprise when he signed for Celtic and broke into the first team for them in 1971, all that remains to be said is that Rangers must have been gutted that he had chosen the hoops.
Dalglish was based at the club from 1968 but it took the three years for him to mature and prove his worth before Jock Stein called him up to the senior side. He did have trials as a schoolboy at West Ham and Liverpool but they came to no avail. Just 4 years after the young Scotsman burst onto the scene he was made captain of Celtic. Dalglish scored 112 goals in 204 appearances for Celtic.
Dalglish collected many honours in his time at the Scottish club and put in some excellent displays of football, his increasing success made him worthy of an international call up and he was a member o…

“Yes, he misses a few, but he gets in the right places to miss them.”

A great man said that - Bill Shankly. Those words were uttered in 1966, a memorable year for most fans of football, he was describing the legendary forward Roger Hunt who had a superb 11 years at Liverpool football club.

I bring this up because in case you haven't noticed, the World Cup starts this week and i figured it would be a good time to do a post i've been thinking about for a while on attitudes to the whole England versus Club argument.
I'm a massive Liverpool fan as i'm pretty sure you are all aware but you're also aware that i do not reside or come from the wonderful city that is Liverpool. Because of this (even if i wanted to) i cannot join in with the "We're not English, we are Scouse" folk.
Such is Liverpudlian humour and the wit of the Liverpool fans, i can always totally see where these people are coming from. I too will not be going absolutely mental if Wayne Rooney nets the winner against USA in a few days time, and you certainly won&…

Well Red: Nice Spread.

Centre Spread: Rome 1977
Similar to what you expect from a decent buffet at some ageing relatives anniversary celebration, Well Red offers what you want on a platter and more...
The bread sticks provide the grass roots and security of knowledge and opinions, they know what they're doing, they've done it for years - just like Well Red's columnists. The cheese dips provide you with the variety, the choices and the ability to make your own decision - just like the wide range of opinions and debates in this must have magazine for any Red.
And if you're lucky enough (as we are with Well Red) you sometimes get that extra special double chocolate gateau which provides that extra je ne sais quoi.
Well Red is not just your average outlet of media for Liverpool fans, it ties crucial facts and realism with opinions, banter and that sense that it is speaking to you as a fan. It is not saying what everyone wants to hear like the flickering white at the bottom of a Sky Sports News page..…

Adiós Señor Rafael Benitez

Liverpool today officially parted ways with manager Rafael Benitez after the Spaniards 6year tenure at the club. In what was described as (but probably wasn't) a deal of mutual consent, Benitez has been paid £6million in this severance deal, some £10million less than what was in his contract should he have been sacked.
Rafael Benitez for many months now, maybe even seasons in some cases has split the fan bases opinion. Everyone always appreciated what he had done and achieved as Liverpool manager ~
UEFA Champions League - 2005 FA Cup - 2006 UEFA Super Cup - 2005 FA Community Shield - 2006
Highest points tally generated in Liverpool's Premier League history, finishing in 2nd place with a total of 86points.
Took us to another Champions League final in 2007.
Ensured Champions League football was a regular feature for the Reds up until his last season as Liverpool manager.
And not forgetting some famous results against the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, Everto…